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Campus Community Involvement

Campus advisory committees have been established to provide the master planners with necessary technical information regarding the campus. These committees are representatives of the entire university community.

Listed below are the committees and the Chair/Co-Chairs of each committee:

  Bert Garza, Academic Vice-President
Architecture, Accessibility, Landscape, Sustainability and Wayfinding
  Mary Nardone, Director of Capital Planning & Engineering
Richard Yeager, Facility Planner
Athletics and Recreation
  Gene DeFilippo, Director of Athletics
Community and Government Relations
  Thomas Keady, Vice-President for Governmental Community Affairs
Joseph Herlihy, General Counsel
Enrollment Management and Institutional Research
  Robert Lay, Dean of Enrollment Management
Kelli Armstrong, Director of Institutional Research
Facilities and Infrastructure
  Thomas Devine, Vice-President of Facilities Management
Michael Dwyer, Assoc Vice-President of Facilities Management
Resource/Services (Transportation, Parking, Dining, Childcare, Diversity)
  Peter McKenzie, Financial Vice-President and Treasurer
Leo Sullivan, Vice-President for Human Resources
Space Programming
  Patrick Keating, Executive Vice-President
Student Life, Residence Life and Student Affairs
  Cheryl Presley, Vice-President of Student Affairs
University Mission and Ministry
  Joseph Appleyard, S.J., Vice-President for University Mission and Ministry
University Relations, Development and Alumni
  James Husson, Vice-President of University Advancement

The Undergraduate Government (UGBC) along with a wide variety of student leaders and involved undergraduate and graduate students also serve in an advisory capacity for Sasaki Associates as they gather information from the community.

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