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Campus Master Plan

Strengthened by more than a century and a quarter of dedication to academic excellence, Boston College commits itself to the highest standards of teaching and research in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs and to the pursuit of a just society through its own accomplishments, the work of its faculty and staff and the achievements of its graduates.  It is with these goals in mind that Boston College has commenced upon the development of a comprehensive Campus Master Plan.

What will Boston College look like in thirty years?  It is an important question for the university, the community and the students, past and present.  As a leading Jesuit Catholic university, Boston College plays an essential role in the local as well as the national community.

What is a Campus Master Plan? Campus master plans are living documents that reflect functional relationships, environmental issues, vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns, landscaping, recreational space, architectural character and possibilities for campus expansion.

The Boston College Campus Master Plan is being developed by Sasaki Associates and a team of subconsultants in conjunction with representatives from the campus community. The subconsultants include Geller DeVellis, Vanasse & Associates, BR+A and Meridian Associates, Inc. The preferred Campus Master Plan will be developed for a September 2006 Board presentation.


Recent Meetings

December 6 & 7 - Student Charrettes

December 12 & 15 - Advisory Group Charrettes

January 9 - Jesuit & Advisory Group Charrette

To see photos and learn about the charrette process, please click on Work-To-Date tab.

Upcoming Meetings

January 23 - Executive Committee Review & Worksession

February - Board Meeting

April/May - Advisory Group & Student Meetings

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