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A Message From the Mayor

Welcome to Lynn’s Waterfront Master Plan website. This site is dedicated to our on-going planning efforts to effectively utilize our beautiful yet undeveloped waterfront. It is our goal to build upon Lynn’s vibrant and changing downtown with the implementation of a plan that includes this city asset. From public access from the downtown, to a seaport, restaurants, and open space this planning process is geared towards finding the best use for our city’s waterfront. Together, the citizens of Lynn can assist in its planning. Please explore this website and be a part of Lynn’s future!
  -  Mayor Edward J.
     “Chip” Clancy, Jr.

What's New?

On September 11, Jim Cowdell presented the Lynn Waterfront Master Plan to the City Council. The plan was unanimously approved by the City Council.

To view the Lynn Waterfront Master Plan and the final report, please click on the "work-to-date" tab above.

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City of Lynn

For property ownership information, please visit the City Assessor's Office.


Partial funding for the Lynn Waterfront Master Plan was provided by the Office for Commonwealth Development - Priority Development Fund.